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Sightseeing places in Sikkim

The Queen of Nature Sikkim is the 22nd state of India and it is became a part of India on 1975,it is situated in the Eastern part of Himalayas, Sikkim is one of the most beautiful States of Indian union with four district and Gangtok is the Capital, it is  located at East District. Sikkim is surrounded by some its holy rivers name, Tista and Rangeet.In states, it has different cultures and various types of festival were celebrates. Sikkim is one of the bio diversity hot spots in Eastern Himalayas. The total Area of Sikkim is 7096 sq.kms in size and its  total population is 6.1 lakhs(2011),Sikkim has mainly three groups of people namely Nepalis,Bhutias and Lepchas and the groups of people were celebrates their festival separately like,Bhutias celebrates their Loshar,Tibetan Loshar,SagaDawa,etc and Nepalese  community celebrates Dashai,Tihar,Makar Shankrati,Ram Navmi,etc and Lepchas were also celebrates their festival like losoong etc, and all communities groups of peoples are celebrates by jointly together festival like New Year,etc. Sikkim local language is Nepali but English and Nepali is the official language.

Sikkim is a bio-diversity hot spot, species of fauna and wide range of flora from primulas.the pristine and unspoiled natural beauty includes alpine landscapes and thick luxuriant tropical forests, rivers in torrent and peaceful lake makes true Shangri-La.

You will gather uncountable divine memories from your Sikkim travel experience that you can cherish throughout your life. It is considered to be among the wonderful tourist spots of the world that are known for the varieties of travelling experiences they offer. Tourists will experience the following: With snow-clad mountains, gliding waterfalls, murmuring streams, picaresque natural beauty and outstanding tourist locations Sikkim is a paradise on earth. For the travel fanatics Sikkim is a complete package as it offers all kinds of pleasures to the tourists including religious visits to the monasteries, thrilling experience on a mountain rope way, taking a peek into the wilderness of wild life sanctuaries, intense snow trekking and many more.

High Himalayan lakes, cold deserts and old spiritual Buddhist monasteries all with their own charm and beauty makes this place truly worth visiting. Sikkim is considered to be the abode of panoramic natural views set in the lap of the Himalayas. Spending a vacation in Sikkim is a heavenly experience and very few get this opportunity to spend memorable moments in the lap of nature amid tranquil surroundings. It is not only soothing and refreshing to the soul but a Sikkim travel is a dream ride to a world of fantasies in its truest sense.

Sikkim with its wide array of natural beauty and pristine location is a dream destination for the nature lovers. Scenic natural beauty, tranquil surroundings, snow capped mountains and sparkling waterfalls of Sikkim are a real treat for the eyes.

The Sikkim offers a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience for the travel enthusiasts and hypnotizes their mind with its charming appeal.

Glaciers in Sikkim 

Glaciers are moving mountain of ice. There are many of these in Sikkim among which the most important ones are Zemu Glacier, Rathong Glacier and the Lonak Glacier in north Sikkim. Zemu glacier is the largest and famous glacier of the eastern Himalayas.

Glaciers visit in Sikkim only possible by trek for 9-12  days called Green lake trek but can not attempt  all the glaciers.


There are three important caves in Sikkim, which is blessed by Guru Padma Sambhava.They are Lharinyinphug, Khandosanphug, Sharchog Beyphug and Dechenphug.

Hot Springs

Sikkim has many hot springs known for their medicinal value. the most important ones  are located at reshi,yumthang and Ralang.These springs are considered holy as one of the four holy caves is located here.

Lakes In Sikkim

On the highway between Gangtok and Nathu-la from Gangtok lies the serene Tsomgo changu lakes at altitude of about 11000 ft.khecheophari,menmecho,karthok,green,samiti,tso lhamu and lakshmi pokhari lakes is others well known lakes of Sikkim.

Mountain in Sikkim

Sikkim has towering mountains that define this paradise of the nature also create a barrier to efficient agriculture. The two main mountain ranges found at Sikkim, named Singalila located on the western side of boarder and Chola on the eastern border.


Waterfalls are found almost all over Sikkim and most of the waterfalls are perennial in shape.

Some better known waterfalls of Sikkim are; him Nala waterfalls, Changey falls ,Chaurithang falls, Khangchendzonga Waterfalls, Mainbus Waterfalls, Rambi waterfalls and Seven Sisters Waterfalls.

Flora and Fauna of Sikkim;

Sikkim has 3rd highest mountain of the world, Khangchendzonga 8598M Glacier. Tista and Rangit is two main rivers of Sikkim’s and its main tributaries are zemu, lachung, Rangyong, Dikchu, rongli, rongpo.Sikkim has a rich heritage of different kinds of flowers. These include poppies, gentians and primulas, the real beauty are the Orchids and Rhododendrons available in different colours and shapes they are found abundant in the region, Rhododendron is the state tree of Sikkim.Flower Orchids is also found in Sikkim mostly in tropical regions.  Sikkim’s orchids belong to two categories: epiphyte and terrestrial; the epiphytes are better known and more numerous.

The dense forests of Sikkim are home to a variety of animals. The Musk Deer, the Munjak or barking dear and the Himalayan Black Bear is found in forests of the lower valleys of Sikkim. Also found here is the Red panda, snow leopard, yak, bharal the ship. Red panda is known as state animal of Sikkim and the Blood Pheasant is the state bird of Sikkim. The only species in genus Ithaginis of the Pheasant family, it has 15 different sub species. It is so named because the males have vivid red colouring on the feathers of the breast, throat and forehead. Females are more uniformly colored with duller shades of reddish brown.

Sikkim wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks

Khangchendzonga national park, it is located at west Sikkim with 1784 sq.kms,and in north district of Sikkim the shinga rhododendron sanctuary were found, it has measures 43.00 sq.kms,at west district of Sikkim you will found barsey rhododendron sanctuary of 104.00 sq.kms,maenam wildlife sanctuary were located at south district of Sikkim, it is exactly measures of 35.34 sq.kms.and if you will go to  east district of Sikkim you will found three wildlife sanctuary named fembong lho wildlife sanctuary of 51.76 sq.kms and kyangnosla alpine sanctuary with 31.00sq.kms,pangolakha wildlife sanctuary of 128.00 sq.kms,and south district of sikkim,kitam birds sanctuary were located with 06.00 sq.kms

Tribes of Sikkim;

Tribes of the Sikkim have hugely contributed in Sikkim states transformation so it is the essential and large parts of Sikkim states population. Sikkim state's tribal folk are simple and very modest; this state's tribes feel very proud about their beliefs and their culture and the people of tribes are very simple and little soft spoken.

Bhatia is one of the chief tribes of state. This tribe's people are of Tibetan origin. They shifted to Sikkim state maybe after the fifteenth of century. They communicated each other with using their Sikkim’s language. They always wants to live in huge village, in between Bhutias tribe's village with Lapchas tribe village, you will find the difference of them. This tribe's house is known as Khin, they specially prefer to construct their house in rectangular shape. Bhatia tribe's male's members puts Bakhu, it looks like a loose cloak.Bhutia tribe's women prefer to wear Honju, made of silk,. This tribe's women like to decorate themselves by wearing tightly ornaments, made by real gold.

Economy of Sikkim

Sikkim is blessed by a fertile land that largely supports agriculture and the climatic conditions are also very favourable for agriculture. The main crops grown in Sikkim include wheat, buck wheat, paddy, cardamom, maize, potatoes, barley; tea.it is proved that Sikkim produces the highest amount of cardamom in India. Sikkim is also known for housing the largest area of cardamom field within the territory. Cardamom is the main cash crops of sikkim.Tea is the another aspect of agriculture of Sikkim. Most of the people are dependent their life upon farming.

Some General information about Sikkim tourism

Sikkim is the small but paradise on earth. it has a great adventure vacation destination in India. Passes like Jelep-la, cho-la, Nathu la and many others which were once important boundaries of passage between Sikkim and Tibet. Floating high over the cloud covered lower Himalaya; Mt. Kanchenjunga dominates the landscape of Sikkim. Sikkim has third highest mountain in the world and the highest in India. This beautiful land Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim. Gangtok is a Buddhist pilgrimage centre where large numbers of pilgrimage come to visit this place every year. After the Enchey monastery construction at the end of 18th century the place has gained greater importance amongst Buddhist community. In the past few years the state has become one of the most important destinations for tourists.

Best Tourist Attractions in Sikkim;

Beautiful Sikkim is blessed with tourist attractions including old monasteries and religious places. Gift with natural resources, Sikkim has become the most popular destination in India. The state is well known for its rich biodiversity, lakes, mountain ranges provide shelter to different species of birds’ ad species of flowering plants.

Gangtok; East Sikkim

Gangtok is a Buddhist pilgrimage centre where large numbers of pilgrimage come to visit this place every year. After the construction of the Enchey monastery at the end of the 18th century the place has gained greater importance amongst Buddhist community, Gangtok; emerging mountain ranges, crystal clear lakes and floating high over the cloud and amazing hills of the Gangtok is enough to fresh your mind and body. Gangtok is the Buddhist pilgrim’s centre where large number of pilgrims were come to visit this place every year. Its large area is bounded by heavy green forests located on the shivalik hills.

East Sikkim: Main Tourism Destination in East Sikkim: Gangtok Capital of Sikkim, Nathula pass, Tsongmo lake Baba Mandir, Gangtok Local sightseeing with Waterfalls and Monasteries, Silk route tour.



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