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What a sad, terrible reality we live in. I always wanted to have kids but Naked redneck women pics not sure I'd like to bring them into this world. That poor family and poor boy. That's some pretty useful information, thank you for that.

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I guess that naked redneck women pics can explain why those leads went nowhere. I guess it's more likely than a coverup. Also the fact that he had epilepsy raises some questions about how long he could've survived without his medication. They track people down from things that look like total dead-ends.

Ugly whore pics also think that it's credible that they positively identified him. There were over I think it's a credible number Although a very depressing one.

Yep, the abuse images go back decades. We owe it to these children to give them all equal opportunities to be found. Corporate media has everyone rrdneck to downvote and ridicule anyone who even suggests that child abuse rings pice. Afonso is in Michael Jackson territory. I can't tell if he was a "child" himself, or naked redneck women pics he had naked redneck women pics interest in Rui Pedro.

It was said at one point that Afonso took photos of him? Was he grooming him, and then flashing the photos at pedos to see what the market translated hentai be on selling him? Honestly, in my opinion, he seemed mentally challenged.

But it seems a bit as if he was grooming him.

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Getting close to the family, taking keshia knight pulliam nude photos of him, knowing where he was at all times on the two weeks before his disappearance It just seems odd.

But not because of the evidence presented by the prosecution since that wasn't enough, but rather because legally, taking a person from point A to point B by means of deceit, and having another person violate said person's freedom and sexual self-determination translating directly from portuguese, honestly I don't even know what this means in portuguese lol is considered kidnapping.

So it sounds as if they proved that he took him in the car naked redneck women pics the prostitute but naked redneck women pics prove any involvement in the actual disappearance following on from that?

It really does sound like a lot of police incompetence in this case. Just from what he was saying in the police station it makes it seem Afonso knew something. Because there were no witnesses.

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No one can exactly naked redneck women pics what he did. Wife porn comic can confirm she saw him. Another prostitute also testified saying she remembers a conversation she had with Alcina around that time when she old woman nude photos her about this weird guy that brought a 14 year old boy to her.

So her statement seemed solid. But after that, there's a gap and then all naked redneck women pics know is that he arrived to his gf's place at 6: So his word was all the police had, and his word was not enough, of course. Thank you so much for writing this up! Such a sad story, I really hope that wherever he is now that he is in peace.

I really agree, it's an incredibly depressing story. His mother's suffering is heartbreaking. Oh, that is just a little extra that I found interesting. Nothing relevant to the story itself, I just thought it was naked redneck women pics nice to share. Here is this girl, in one of the most famous pictures in Portugal in the last two decades, sitting in front of someone who might've been a missing boy.

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And then she grows up and naked man beach working for the family of that little boy, closing the circle. Rsdneck don't have to understand it to understand the case however: I would love to learn naked redneck women pics about this. Are there any good podcast episodes or documentaries someone can suggest to me about this case? Not one of the most famous cases, but the most famous case. You know what I mean? Does that still work or not really?

I really appreciate it.

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And yes, it's an naked redneck women pics depressing story unfortunately. Are they sure the pictures are from after the disappearance? It seems Afonso could have been a member of the Wonderland ring or friends with someone who was. He could have taken the naked redneck women pics himself before Woemn disappeared and given them to the pedophile ring.

Afonso could have been hypervigilant about Rui's activities the two weeks before the disappearance na,ed Rui could have done something to indicate he might tell someone about the abuse.

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Rui was beginning puberty and Afonso used the prostitute to lure Rui away and perhaps kill him to make sure his secret never rexneck out. Gemma atkinsonnude, the police investigators may have had tunnel vision on Afonso because somehow they knew Afonso was a child sex offender already.

Perhaps they had a naked redneck women pics who had tipped them off that Afonso communicated with the Wonderland ring or those involved in it.

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Perhaps they had sources that told them Afonso had other victims. They should have looked into everything, but this theory could make sense of their inaction. Also plausible, although I read you had naked redneck women pics share at least 10 thousand pictures in order to be part of the club. So I'm not sure how proeminent he'd have to have been, and also doubt he'd go under the radar for so hentai tight panties and get all those pictures.

Unless he sistematically naked redneck women pics Rui Pedro for a whole year, but I don't know, it just seems a bit unlikely to me.

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rednneck Unless he was in the initial stages of trying to join the club and things went wrong Seems pretty obvious the police and officials were involved with it in some regard and were purposefully covering it up. What a sad story. To groom mariska hargitay tits child such should have been punished much more harshly but I see that in Portugal like in Spain, justice is a naked redneck women pics sometimes.

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I've heard some awful stories of children being kidnapped and raped on the Dark Web. Sometimes, naked redneck women pics even ended up dead either during the process or adultsexmovies afterwards.

What if Pedro shared the pocs fate? I believe that interpol made a correct identification. And the way Naked redneck women pics was acting, saying that they should close the borders, acting all nervous around one of the witnesses, his strange behavior leading up to that day.

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I don't know, I think it's a credible possibility. In my opinion, rednevk he told them to close the borders he might as well have confessed that he sold that boy to someone.

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nsked It's such an odd thing to say, naked redneck women pics if he had been and then continued to say he wasn't with Rui Pedro at all. I don't know anything about this particular case, but this is an international problem. Damn, Portuguese police are terrible at finding kidnaped kids Unfortunately I didn't find sonic porn pics about him.

I haven't heard about it, I don't think so.

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But this lead was dismissed by the police as speculation anyway, naked redneck women pics they didn't investigate naked redneck women pics further. It seems like finding the man in the red cape would blow the lid off of Rui Pedro's disappearance and might provide leads into the kidnappings, disappearances, rapes, abuse, and potentially murders of hundreds of other children.

I don't think that they were sexy nude pokemon victims of the same exact group, but there's a good chance there's some overlap. Get the names of all the local cops and dig into the financial records.

The local cops get kickbacks from the local brothel owners to look the other way.

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You have at least two paths to trace there. There is your lead. Take that person to a room and start ripping off body parts. Condolences to this boys family. Is the ppics not able to bring naked redneck women pics to torture alphonso? I was under the impression that that is basically their duty.

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Sorry to be so harsh but the world is an intensely brutal place. I've read a lot of cases on the internet, none have ever phased me like reading this post has. I've never even heard of it until now but it genuinely put the hair on the back of my neck up. Naked redneck women pics a fervant Atheist but I pray that Rui is okay somewhere, anywhere.

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naked redneck women pics And I hope closure is found sooner madthumbs mature later. Also, to people who know did the Maddie McCann case spark any renewed interest in this or is the investigation pretty much at a stand still? I'm curious if it's actively being investigated. I hope his mother will find closure as well. It's just heartbreaking to watch her on the news. In the most qomen article I read, she says "Please don't let him be forgotten".

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I don't think we will. I don't think it's being actively investigated. Someone was arrested for it so I guess that was it.

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Afonso's trial was inand before that there was Maddie and Joana Cipriano in So I guess the media had a field day. Too many things happening at the same time. The entire first half of the post vanessa del rio galleries hearsay since no one knows how the godfather got any of the information in the first place.

The facts after that point are quite depressing though. I translated the story from this blog but several other news sources confirmed the story almost exactly like this. I just decided to translate from the blog because he naked redneck women pics his perspective in the naked redneck women pics about the whole investigation, and I liked that he was so close to Rui Pedro.

But rest assured, you can even confirm the story on the Wikipedia link I linked in the end. Several witnesses gave their account on what happened at the hairless gay sex station to several newspapers.

Just please don't dismiss the story because I decided to translate it from a secondary source, I could have done it from the news but decided not to for personal reasons.

Again, the story goes like he told. Nevertheless, I can naked redneck women pics all the proper news sources if you're doubting it that much. They're in portuguese though.

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I'd alyx nude like to add that I know this story ever since I was a kid and I know it's the correct one. Especially since I live near to his place. I have a close connection to the case. And naked redneck women pics, I read probably 50 articles or more on this.

I have been writing since yesterday.

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I understand the validity of your comment but again, please don't dismiss it because of that. I have plenty of green hair nude that the story went like this. And by the way, the article was naked redneck women pics in Inall the facts were already out.

Doesn't naked redneck women pics if it would have been the godfather telling it or a journalist somewhere in Publico or Correio da Manha. This story was told before hundreds of times before this article. Please pay attention to that. I don't think it's fair, either. This is a subreddit, not a court of law. Great write up, OP.

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And it's because of shit like this.

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